5 Reasons why Cyber Monday is Worth the Wait

Last Updated 29 Jun, 2022

With the humdrum of Black Friday and the chaos of Christmas shopping looming, it can be all too easy to overlook the online-exclusive shopping event that is Cyber Monday. The majority of retailers who’ve slashed their prices for the Black Friday bonanza simply extend sales even further to roll over to Cyber Monday, meaning more time for you to snap up the very best savings at all your favourite brands. And this isn’t the only reason why Cyber Monday really is worth waiting for to strike the best deals at brands like HP and John Lewis. Here are five more fantastic pros to holding out until Monday 28th November to shop.

Look out for extra discounts stacked on top of Black Friday bargains

Being patient pays. A lot of retailers simply rollover their Black Friday sales into Cyber Monday and stick a hefty extra discount on top too, especially if they have excess stock to get rid of. Last year, Amazon had 23% off Apple AirPods Pro, Very had a £170 discount on the Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Anti Hair Wrap while Clinique had an extra 10% off their beauty advent calendar, which was reduced to £85.50 but worth over £220!. It can be risky waiting until Cyber Monday, but we reckon the risk is worth taking to clinch that extra saving.

You can guarantee the same great deals online as in store

While Black Friday is primarily online these days anyway, certain stores like Tesco and Curry’s have been known to hold back some of their best deals for their brick and mortar stores in a bid to increase footfall. However, this isn’t often the case for Cyber Monday as it’s more of an online sale event - as the name suggests. This means you can 100% guarantee the best deals will be available online on Cyber Monday and there’s little to no chance they’ll be trumped by in-store sale events.

Expect more sitewide discounts rather than product-specific deals

In comparison to Black Friday, Cyber Monday can arguably lead to bigger and better savings across a wider range of products due to the fact you’re more likely to see sitewide discounts over item-specific deals. Vice President of PR and Events at Slickdeals, Regina Conway told RealSimple: “We see more sitewide discounts or category-wide discounts on Cyber Monday, whereas Black Friday will often have very specific products such as electronics and home goods at deep, deep discounts," she says. “However, more merchants have started advertising specific product deals on Cyber Monday and vice versa, so the holidays are starting to have more crossover."

There’s a higher chance of saving money on small brands

In fact, the term ‘Cyber Monday’ itself was coined back in 2005 in a bid to help smaller brands compete with the big names who were jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon. It doesn’t take a lot of searching to recognise that those big brands promptly got involved with the Cyber Monday spectacle too, but a lot of your favourite smaller brands have stuck around to offer huge discounts too.

Be sure to check out marketplace sites like eBay too, because you'll often find a lot of people reselling items they literally just purchased on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday has better deals than Black Friday overall - yes, we said it!

Is Black Friday or Cyber Monday better for shoppers looking to save big? That’s the question Business Insider asked last year. Their conclusion? Despite it being a close call, research showed that Cyber Monday had the better deals - hooray!

So whether you’re getting started on your Christmas shopping, splashing out on some new smart home tech or simply want to see what fabulous bargains are around, it’s pretty clear that Cyber Monday 2022 is certainly going to be worth the wait. Check out our Cyber Monday shopping guide before the big day to find out how to nab the best deals. Plus, don’t forget to check out our Cyber Monday vouchers too!

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